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Notebook and laptops are different terms, which are misleadingly confused with each other. Notebook computers are smaller and are lighter but costlier as compared to laptops. Notebook computers can easily be take out while you have to be on a business trip and they are packed with fun as they highly support multimedia and internet access is a plus.

In 1982, first notebook computer was presented to the world but was much expensive and lacking versatility as you get in notebooks today. As soon as Windows 95 was launched, the notebook computers also get to be known major as portable computers for the technology and advancement. The prices started to fall and a number of features improved. Now, with latest notebooks, you get improved battery life and acid use has completely finished as they are capable for holding much data and consume less power.

The sizes for laptop computers vary a great deal. For an instant knowledge, you can have a look at following information. Tablet PCs weights less then 3 pounds. Ultra portables come in weight less than 4 pounds and their thickness can be less than 1.4 inches making them 10 to eleven inches in size. Thin and lights come with one to 1.4 inches of thickness can weigh almost five to seven pounds making up the size fourteen inches at most. The largest of notebook i.e. desktop replacements are 1.5 inches thick and weigh almost seven pounds and the size ranges from eleven to thirteen inches.

Following are mentioned few things you would like to be concerned about while buying a notebook:
-    You must keep size and weight of the notebook while choose to buy one. With smaller and lighter computer, you might have to miss some of the drives and ports.
-    Processors for notebook works in same manner as for your desktop computer, Choose one, which you feel, is more suitable for you.
-    With notebooks, optical drives have to play an important role. So make a check for if your choice of notebook is fully loaded with the optical drives.
-    Connections and ports are some of the important things you would love to keep with your choice of notebook. Make sure your choice has room for Wi-Fi, firewire, USB ports etc.
-    Battery life is another feature you would have to keenly observe while buying a computer for your self. Make sure your choice of computer has increased battery life
-    Warranty counts a lot so make sure your manufacturer is providing you with at least a year of warranty.


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