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Laptop – Key Features

Before you go buying, a laptop the suggestion is to make an ample research. There is variation of factors, which require due consideration before you go, pay and carry a laptop machine home.

The biggest mistake as is made by most of the buyers is picking the most expensive machine on the display, paying a sufficiently handsome amount of money. This practice is nothing but a mistake. The better option for you is to know what your requirements from your machine are. Of course! Being with your student requirements you will not be buying a high tech gaming notebook paying as huge as US$ 5000 or even more.

Ultraportable Laptop Buying Guide

Notebooks come in great variations of sizes. The most desired ones are portables and thin and slim. The computer, which falls under the category of the “ultraportables”, has screen size ranging between twelve to fourteen inches. As you are a careful buyer you would look for all the technological gadgets for your computer but still I would like to suggest few of the features you would be considering while making your Ultraportable notebook purchase.

Obtaining Cleaning Chemicals and Tools

Almost all of the chemicals and tools for cleaning as discussed below are available from electronics shops and markets. Chemtronics is a company that supplies chemicals to the computer and electronic industry. Below mentioned chemicals are of much importance to aid you in cleaning your computer and electronic accessories.

Procedures of cleaning:
Recommendation before your have your computer cleaned is its part disassembly. Remove all the parts of your computer without using any tool. Battery, drivers and PC cards are included with this line. In some systems, hard drives are also included. Access doors then should be opened.  In some laptops, cases are not opened and thus, complete disassembly is not recommended. Canned air blow can be used for the sake of removing dust from your opened device.

Cleaning Connectors and Contacts
Cleaning the contacts and connectors of your device helps you establish reliable connections. The main connector in a laptop system is battery connector. Look out if you have dirt with your modules and memory sockets try removing memory modules, clean and then reinstall them.

For cleaning your sockets and modules, you require a lint-free cleaning swab, in case you are using a spray then hold the spray container away from the swab and then spray until you have solution dripping off. Use this moistened swab to remove dirt and debris from these modules and sockets.

Cleaning the LCD and Case:
For cleaning the case of your laptop, follow below given tips:

You can use soft lint-free cloth with the mixture of 50 percent water and isopropyl alcohol, ammonia-free glass cleaner or plain hot water. Do not ever spray these liquids directly over your computer LCD and keyboard.

When it comes to LCD cleaning just wipe a moistened cloth over the screen and follow with the dry cloth. Make sure your moistened cloth is not wet enough so that water is dripping out of it and dry your LCD completely after cleaning it. Never use paper towels or such stuff it may scratch your LCD. Glass cleaners with ammonia can damage your LDC.

Laptop Bag Buyer’s Guide

Laptop bags and casings are the important things to keep your laptop safe while you are on move.

Buying a Laptop Bag:

Buying a laptop is not just buying something to keep you notebook in rather it is more then that. It makes a style statement for you and exposes your lifestyle and personality. It also requires being in order with the needs for your mobile gear accessories and some time additional documents etc.

Choosing a Notebook PC

While you are interested in buying yourself a notebook you are surfing around to get answers to specific questions and coming to this page is a ring of that gathering-answers chain. You are provided with ample information to help you buy a Notebook Pc for you. Ok now! let’s cut the crap and come to the main topic for the size of your notebook choice.

Cleaning the keyboard

Keyboards pick up loads of dirt and dust. If you take a closer look at your keyboard, you would be very amazed to see the dirt and garbage it has caught below the keys. The recommendation for keeping your keyboard is cleaning it with can compressed air or vacuum cleaning it.