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Cleaning the keyboard

Keyboards pick up loads of dirt and dust. If you take a closer look at your keyboard, you would be very amazed to see the dirt and garbage it has caught below the keys. The recommendation for keeping your keyboard is cleaning it with can compressed air or vacuum cleaning it.

The best way for using can compressed air is turning upside down your keyboard and then shooting your keyboard with it at a tilted angle. Doing this would remove dirt and debris from your keyboard. If you get in to practice for cleaning your keyboard in such a manner then it is less likely to come up with sticking and dirty keys. Vacuum cleaner can work with out the keyboard being turned upside down. The vacuum cleaner has the capacity to suck out all the debris.

As soon as you have your keyboard free from dirt and dust, it is ready for the removal for stains and cosmetic dirt from the caps of the keys. The best option to remove satins from the keys is by using isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution over a soft cloth and then following the cleaning process with a dry cloth.

In case you are confronting a key-switch stuck then it is better to clean it using some spray or soak but wait! Before you do, remove the keyboard from the system. Your owner’s manual would help you remove your keyboard from the system.

Once you have your keyboard removed from your system then you can have your keycap problem removed using spray. You can have this done at your sink to keep excessive liquid from spilling around. Now, replace the keycap and then reinstall the keyboard.

Periodic blowing and vacuuming can keep your from serious keyboard problems.

Cleaning the TrackPoint or touchpad

Touchpad are devices used for pointing and they usually need very little attention for maintenance. They can easily be cleaned as they are sealed and so require only a touch of maintenance.